Experience The Joys Of Having A Slim Fit Body Year-Round With An Exclusive Lifestyle & Wellness Program Designed To Steer You To Sexier Looks & Better Health

Experience The Joys Of Having A Slim Fit Body Year-Round With An Exclusive Lifestyle & Wellness Program Designed To Steer You To Sexier Looks & Better Health

Forget love handles. Forget stubby tummies and pouches. Forget having to keep increasing your dress size. Secure a comprehensive body wellness package containing the secrets that’ll lead you to mold and sculpt your body to perfection.

Forget love handles. Forget stubby tummies and pouches. Forget having to keep increasing your dress size. Secure a comprehensive body wellness package containing the secrets that’ll lead you to mold and sculpt your body to perfection.

Stake your claim to a limited body lifestyle course that aligns you with a full-proof regimen that’ll enable you to awaken and unveil your body’s glory days.

The Comprehensive Masterclass To Bringing Sexy Back

Depressed thinking that you won’t ever get your slim, trim, and fit figure back again?

Tired of having to go up a size every time you order a dress on Amazon? 

Frustrated that the size you’re accustomed to wearing when trying on clothes in a store is now a size less at your current weight?

Put those thoughts of defeat and dejection out of your mind.

Impossibility in weight loss is just a figment of your imagination.

Stella isn’t the only one who can get her groove back: so can you.
Be the commander-in-chief of your beauty and looks by leveraging a beautifying wellness program that turns back the hands of time on your body to transform you into a younger, fitter, sexier, and healthier version of yourself:
  • Unlimited Live Daily Workouts designed to get you strong and burn fat fast
  • ​Personal attention and form correction in each live class
  • ​Live weekly coaching sessions discussing your biggest challenges
  • ​Private Facebook Group with daily tips, training, motivation, and community
  • ​Video assessment and personalized corrective exercise plan to help you move better now
  • ​46 Quick start emails helping you overcome your biggest diet and fitness challenges
  • 50+ short-but-concise health informative tutorial videos to accelerate your results
  • ​Personalized nutrition plan
  • ​Vegan, Vegetarian, and Non-Veg diet plans to suit your needs
  • Complete workout regimen to meet various weight loss and fitness goals
  • ​Formula to balance physical and mental wellness
  • Access to exclusive extra videos and additional perks

Bring Sexy Back Cause You Know How To Act

Justin Timberlake thought he knew the formula to bring sexy back.

But he doesn’t have what you have: 

A complete lifestyle program that breaks down every single step and choice you must make in order to sculpt your body into the extraordinary figure that only you can achieve. 

You have a unique opportunity to secure a comprehensive body-restarter that relies on the best scientifically-proven diet, nutrition, fitness, and mental wellness practices so you can really bring your sexy back.
Don’t wallow in the thoughts, negativity, and nay-saying comments that play on your mind and prevent you from seeing the greatness that lies within:
  • Worried that working out and dieting is a waste of time
  • ​Afraid that you will be restricted to a boring and bland diet
  • ​Concerned that you won’t be able to get in the right daily nutrition intake 
  • Constantly telling yourself that you can’t do it
  • ​Sudden food cravings that will seem even more tempting when you’re on your journey
  • Fear that you don’t have the mental and physical stamina for a consistent workout routine
  • ​Don’t believe that your metabolism rate will allow you to see your weight loss goals fast enough
  • ​Think that you’re too old to start following a weight loss plan
Let go of the negative weight and jumpstart your beautifying process with an exclusive holistic wellness program that unleashes the greatest potential of your mind, body, and weight so you can be in tip-top shape and look great in the process.

The path to being in better physical shape in broken down in your exclusive program:
  • Find the right balance between micro and macro nutrient intake
  • ​Eat at the right times of the day to maximize nutrition value & ease digestion
  • Enjoy your meals (and even add in desserts!)
  • Work out smarter (not longer) to keep fit and boost your energy
  • Keep your mind and body operating at optimum capacity
  • ​Sit comfortably at a body weight that’s healthy for your body type
  • ​Feel and look a whole lot healthier
  • ​Live a happier life knowing that you are achieving your goals


Viji Ramesh

Almost 3 yrs for me since I became an outsider member. I had frequent back pain and wanted to get stronger and toned overall. Happy to say it’s been morethan a year since i’ve had any back pain. Thank you for all your guidance encouragement and challenging us to do better. I look forward to coming to class every morning. I’ve made wonderful friends here and I enjoy working out with them. Thank you!!

Sangeeta Kopardekar, MD

Being part of Outsiders has been life changing! It has allowed me to drop weight, drop 2 pant sizes, improve my fitness and endurance and  be part of a wonderful, friendly and supportive community. Thanks Mike and Mark for  helping me move forward on my fitness journey. Looking forward to next year and achieving my fitness goals with your expert guidance!

Rachita Raheja

I joined the Outsider’s Bootcamp is April 2018. I have been working out off and on since 2008, but it was hard for me to stick to any program be it one on one personal training or classes at the Y. The main reason was that they became repetitive and boring quickly. But I haven’t felt bored in the last 9 months at Outsider’s!! Yes I love coming every morning and feeling excited to find out what workout Mike has for us. I have never been excited about working out, but now I hate missing even single day. 

A big bonus is the wonderful group of friends I have found at Outsider’s

Swarna Karthik

I joined the Outsiders last December. Wow It's been a year :-). I can't believe I did something for my health for this long and for the first time in my life. When I joined last year, my blood sugar level was high. My right arm and shoulder were very weak due to carpal tunnel and tendonitis which was spread to shoulder. I couldn't lift weights more than 3 lbs continuously. Today, I am able to lift heavier weights and workout for the entire session without dropping the weights. My blood sugar has also decreased considerably. Thanks to Mike for correcting my form and encouraging me to enhance my abilities. 

Rachna Mehrotra

"You look so fit! I am so happy you have found an exercise regimen you love"- My doctor's words from yesterday when I went in for my physical. She had not seen my bloodwork results or any other readings but saw me and said " without having looked at your results, I can tell you are looking toned and fit- what changed?" - I have now been working out at the bootcamp for about seven months and can feel an increase in strength and mobility. I look forward to working out everyday and come Sunday, I am ready for Monday morning workouts. Like others said, the changing workouts every three weeks and the detailed explanation of the exercises by both Mike and Marc make me want to push myself. It has become addictive and habit forming in a good way, like brushing your teeth every morning! Loving it and thank you Mike!!

Nidhi Gupta, MD

I have been an Outsider for about 4 months and I have definitely gotten stronger and able to maintain consistency!

In addition, I have finally learned what’s wrong with my posture and how to go about fixing it with corrective exercises. No other place does that!! 

It’s a personalised group training. Mike really knows the mechanics of movements. There’s great emphasis on doing the exercises correctly which is important to avoid injury. Most places you are on your own if injured. Mike helps you to get back on track faster. You learn modifications that allow you to workout safely.

Kanan Pujara

I’ve been a member of the Outsiders for 6 months and have lost over 35lbs. One unexpected result I’ve achieved since training with them is I’m now more athletic, and incredible blood test results.

I did not think significant weight loss was possible for me as I have tried every commercial diet on the market. But the personalized plan with Mike works very well. It allowed me to work with lot of food options, I became stronger with exercises, got more athletic than before and there are significant changes in my blood test as well. It has been life changing.

Sanjana Anand

I’ve been an Outsider for almost a year and I’m now pain free ( huge for me) gain in strength with focus on form. Never looked or felt better!!

I’ve not only learned about discipline in workouts and healthy eating. I learned most importantly, mindfulness can be fun!

If you are thinking about getting started, do it! Absolutely! Hands down! I was in a severe amount of pain from doing certain exercises wrong. Mike really taught me to look at form. Holistic approach, workouts constantly change to keep it fun. I absolutely trust Mike’s approach to pain free workouts!

Harini Krishnapuram, DDS

I’ve been an outsider for almost 2 years now. I’ve never been the gym-going kind, as I love the outdoors and being an avid hiker/runner never needed to look further. A major surgery severely impacted my ability to hike/run for almost a year and I struggled to regain my stamina and strength. When I first met Mike, I told him that the bleachers I did 8-10 times previously without any effort left me breathless now, and he reassured me that I will regain it soon. It took me 4 months on the program to feel close to normal again and it’s been a great journey there on. I’m close to my fitness level but not physically the same prior to my surgery but, I’m getting there! Thank you for being a part of my recovery and I hope to achieve my goal in the coming year. I love the variety in the workouts, have a new found love to lifting weights and of course love the Outsider community as well!

Pradnya Goil

Hiking is a passion but was often sidelined due to neck and knee pain. After struggling with pain and also endurance issues during a hike, I realized that my workouts and training program were very one dimensional. I was only focusing on cardio. When I met Mike, he immediately figured out the cause of my knee and neck issues and gave me solutions to improve mobility and range of motion.

Before every hike, they would guide me on how to improve my pace without hurting myself. Mike has a wealth of knowledge related to workouts, nutrition, all the muscles and joints in the body (and they know all the names too) and they are very generous with sharing it. I value the regressions offered during workouts, the counseling related to life and working out, the awesome workouts that focus on strength, cardio, and core and also the community of friends that I have found through this group. Thanks!!

The Ultimate Training Package To Feel & Look Your Best

The all-encompassing factual approach to fitness and health simplified into easy-to-digest diet, nutrition, and exercise routines.
Discover the joy of having the body you envision for yourself through a program that breaks down all the steps you need to follow in a clear and concise way so you can secure the body you want:

Outsiders Nutrition

  • The ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of a killer diet plan: Learn the correct protein-carbohydrate-fat ratio to optimize your body nutrition intake and run on the best fuel possible while eating the foods you love.
  • The ultimate guide on food prep and planning: Discover a host of diverse recipes that allow you to enjoy your food (with dessert) while eating healthy.
  • Uncover the truth about micronutrients: Master the ins and outs of micronutrients, their importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the right way that you should incorporate them in your diet.
  • Water as a winning ingredient in your wellness: Find out the exact amount of water you should drink for your body weight to guarantee optimal functioning of your organs and feel energized all at the same time.
  • The hidden strategy behind meal planning: Learn the little-known tricks surrounding meal consumption so you can work against weight gain while getting all the nutrients you need.
  • Balancing a healthy lifestyle with the stresses of life: Become a master at scheduling and meal prep as you find out the secret hacks to seamlessly integrate healthy practices within your already busy schedule.
  • The correct way to eat out: Uncover the solution to maintaining a healthy diet even when you’re traveling away from home or too busy to practice meal prep at home.
  • The ‘Winning’ supplements for healthy living: Find out which supplements you should take and which ones you should avoid on your journey to healthy living. 
  • ​The right way to cheat: Find out the way to incorporate cheat days in your diet as well as how many cheat meals you can take at a given time without compromising your progress.

Outsiders Training Program

  • The ultimate LIVE workout plan to see results fast: Learn healthy workout routines in cardio and strength training that you can do from the comfort of your own home.
  • The real answer to burning calories quickly: Find out how to double your daily calorie expenditure through proven exercises. 
  • UNLIMITED Live Daily Workouts designed to burn fat fast: Access scientifically-proven exercises that burn fat fast and keep your body fit in the process. 
  • The art of combining fitness & nutrition: Master how to fuse fruitful workout routines with healthy nutrition plans to make the most out of your efforts.

Outsiders Mental and Wellness Program

  • The Winning Vision Plan: Build your mindset with a mentality-building program that prepares you for challenges and setbacks in the best way possible.
  • Overcoming stress: Learn how to channel stress and convert it into positive energy that’ll propel you to achieve your goals. 
  • Developing winning goals: Find out how you can create realistic-but-challenging targets that’ll push you to go further and see results faster.
  • Creating the perfect environment for your success: Discover the elements that you need in your life to set you on the path to success as well as how to eliminate the ones that are holding you back from being able to realize your goals. 


Silicon Valley Executive, 45

15LBS, 84 DAYS

Silicon Valley Architect, 59

 18LBS, 84 DAYS

Finance, 44, 13.4lbs 84 days

Green Engineer, 52, 84 days

Google Engineer, 48

20lbs, 84 days

Software Engineer, 43

14.2lbs 84 days

The Outsiders Ultimate Coaching Package

As an Outsider you’ll power-up your physique with our super-growth coaching program that’ll give you that extra push you need to dominate your weight loss journey and see the results in record time: 
  • One on One Coaching Call to learn about your specific goals and challenges
  • One on one virtual Goals and Movement Assessment
  • Specific corrective exercises for your body to allow you to move better and achieve your goals faster. 
  • ​Personalized Nutrition Program based on your food, cultural or cuisine preferences and lifestyle choices
  • Exclusive access to our Private Outsiders Facebook group where you can get support from fitness and nutrition coaches as well as other members like you who are on the same fitness journey.
  • Weekly group coaching sessions with your fitness coaches and diet experts
  • ​Personal attention in class to ensure your safety and results

You Have The Vision. We Have The Way To Get There.

Discover it before it’s too late. 

Secure EVERYTHING you need to Have A Slim Fit Body Year-Round:

  • Virtual One on One Discovery Session            ($120 value)
  • Unlimited Live Fat Blasting Cardio and Strength Training Classes ($247/mo Value)
  • Corrective Exercise Assessment and Program ($120/mo value)
  • ​46 Days of Diet Crushing Coaching Emails: ($650 value)
  • Weekly Live Coaching: ($250/mo value)
  • ​Personalized Meal Plan ($97 value)
  • Private Facebook Group ($97/mo value)
  • Monthly Reassessments ($25/mo value)
  • Private member only events ($247/mo value)
  • 50+ Results acceleration videos ($497 value)
  • Relationship with your coach (PRICELESS)
BONUS You will also receive a Monthly DEEP DIVE webinar covering the most important topics to accelerating your long term results! They’ll include the most cutting edge, never shared before Nutrition, Fitness, Fat Loss and Behavior Change Topics. ($150/mo value!)
Total Monthly Value $2500.00

Ultimate Slim Fit Body Program Monthly Cost: $247

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.”
-Chinese Proverb


How do I get started?

The first step is to schedule your discovery session. Here we learn more about your goals, challenges, lifestyle, and current fitness level. We will do a quick movement assessment and share with you the next steps to get started.

Are you salespeople or fitness trainers?

We are fitness trainers and our client results speak for themselves. This is not a sales call. We don’t use any high pressure sales techniques. Our only goal is to help you make a decision that’s good for you. Our philosophy is if we have to convince you to get started, we’ll have to convince you to keep going.

How hard are your workouts?

Our workouts are designed to me modified based on each persons goals, movement assessment, ability and experience. Each workout is demonstrated at the beginning of each workout and can be modified for all fitness levels. Our goal is to start with you where you’re at and take you to where you want to go.

Who is Michael Rawski?

Michael Rawski has 20 years of diet and fitness experience and is currently the Owner of The Outsiders Bootcamp. His programs create MASSIVE transformations in people minds, bodies and abilities. And right now he is here to serve you.

Do we get access to everything as soon as we join the program?

Yes. However the emails are sent each day over your first 46 days to stay on track. Each of the program lessons are sent daily to ensure laying a solid foundation for success, to keep you focused on what’s important. At the end of the program you will have access to all 46 lessons.

What is your refund policy?

You have a full 10 days to jump in, look around, and use the information provided. After 10 days, no refund can and will be provided. However, as mentioned above, if within 10 days you would like a full refund, please just send me an email.

Is this a DIET?

No this is not a diet. This is a proven system to take control of your mind to ensure success with any diet. From daily lessons to quieting the negative voice in your head, we have you covered. We have several meal plans available once getting started.

What times are your classes?

We offer classes Monday - Friday at:

8:00am Mobility

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